Attachments for Hire Compaction wheel

High Performance Excavator Attachments for Hire

Hiring attachments opposed to buying has many advantages:

  1. If you are quoting a short-term jobs and want to remain competitive to get the job
  2. Need to use high priced attachments to do a job, but can’t justify the cost for longer term
  3. Try before you buy – make sure the attachment will do the job you require
  4. 100% Instant Tax deduction
  5. You can rent from 1 week to 12 months or more

Our excavator attachments suit all machine makes and models. Because our attachments are designed to give Contractors greater productivity, you’ll be able to get the jobs done quicker, at less costs, so you can make more money.

We have a huge range of excavator attachments for hire with highly competitive weekly and monthly rates. Contact us today for more info.

Rock Breakers for Hire

eie Ace Hammers are ideal for any rock or demolition application. They will fit on any Excavator within the 11 – 29 tonne range.

  • 14 tonne excavators, our AB100 – 100mm Chisel is capable of 500 – 780 blows per minute – ¾” hoses.
  • 20 -25 tonne excavators, our AB140 – 140mm Chisel is capable of 275 – 350 blows per minute – 1” hoses.

Available for short or long term hire – call us today for our highly competitive rates.


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