Our Single Tyne Rippers plow through materials easily and efficiently.

Single Tyne Rippers


The Ripper is really BEEFY. The tooth rips through the ground easily and saves me from having to use a hammer. By far the best I have ever used.


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Designed to handle even the toughest ground conditions, including hard ground, rocks, shale, hard clay, and permafrost, our Single Tyne Rippers are built to deliver maximum power and efficiency.

One key element of our ripper design is the shape of the tooth. We understand that a gradual curve is essential to ensure that material can slide up from the tooth onto the shank, where it can be ripped with maximum force. Unfortunately, many manufacturers and operators don’t understand the geometry behind efficient ripping.

The earth is made up of countless layers, formed over millions of years under varying ground and weather conditions. To effectively remove material, our ripper is designed to run parallel with the ground surface, peeling away layers much like the grain of timber. This approach reduces resistance and allows the ripper tooth to work more efficiently.

To get the most out of your ripper, it’s important to use it properly. The ripper tooth is simply a device to get the shank into the material being ripped, or to push through rocks or ice before sliding them up the shank where intense force can be applied. Don’t use the tooth to pry rocks or ice, as this can cause it to break.

Our ripper is designed to be placed at an angle and drawn through the earth at full reach, as close as possible to the excavator and running parallel with the surface. This approach delivers ideal ripping performance, allowing you to get the job done quickly and efficiently while minimising the risk of equipment damage.

Ripper Diagram
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Pins, Ripper Tooth and Adaptor


1 tonne to 50 tonne

Our Single Tyne Rippers are constructed from a robust eie80 grade high strength steel construction capable of withstanding continuous use under harsh environments.

Available from all major machine dealers and OEMs across Australia.


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