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Revolutionary Multi-Fit Excavator Attachments for the Rental Industry

There are always Contractors requiring various excavator attachments to fulfil various job requirements.

Until now, all attachments have needed to be “brand specific”, however eiengineering have now introduced our patented, easy-change, variable pick-up for all excavator attachments including Excavator Buckets, Hammers, Hydraulic Grapples, Skeleton buckets, Mud buckets, Tilting Mud Buckets, Trenching Buckets, Compaction Wheels, etc. ideal for all Construction Rental applications:

  • If you have previously avoided attachments due to the specific hook-up differences between each brand, this may open up a wealth of new opportunities.
  • If you already hire excavators with specific attachments, due to the variable pick-ups on our attachments, we can open up endless possibilities with customers who are using other brands.

eiengineering has long been associated with designing and manufacturing excavator attachments that work more efficiently saving Contractors thousands of dollars per year in fuel costs, operator costs and service and spare parts costs, and we are excited about these new developments to assist the Contractors and the Rental Industry.

As a member of the Hire and Rental Industry Association, we have pleasure in presenting this range of versatile products and see a great future for the industry in this way.

If you would like to take advantage of our products and grow your business with a more versatile product range, and access more customers, please do not hesitate in contacting us for an appointment.

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