The wear on eiengineering buckets is amazing and longevity in our hard ground conditions is brillant!

A family run business for over 40 years, Delecca’s has the most extensive range of earthmoving and materials handling equipment in regional south-east Australia.

Specialising in machinery sales, service and hire and stocking brands such as Bobcat, McCormick, Doosan, Clark and Karcher, Delecca’s has been an eiengineering Dealer for close to a decade.

Sales Manager, Jason Delecca explains why he chooses eiengineering and the reasons why he has ei buckets and attachments on his entire rental fleet of 60 machines.

Jason Delecca, Sales Manager at Delecca’s

The diggers almost grow an extra leg with eiengineering buckets on them. They just have better breakout.

We’ve been using eiengineering buckets for years now. Of the nine excavators, I think only one doesn’t have an ei bucket on it. They were recommended to me and I never buy anything that I wouldn’t use myself. I tried the equipment out and tried eiengineering buckets on them and liked the way they work so we buy them and always spec our machines with them now.

We definitely noticed the digging power through the ground. Our diggers almost grow an extra leg with eiengineering buckets on, they just have better breakout when they pull through the ground. The nice shape of the back of the bucket doesn’t get caught at the back when the operator is dragging the bucket through. All the machines almost up specs a bit because the buckets are just working so well.

Craig Piergrosse, Managing Director of Accelerated Excavations

Rock Bucket Testimonial

This Rock Bucket has got the biggest capacity to match the machine and is great in the material that we work with. We get the maximum out of each bucket load without overloading the machine.

John Cuthbertson, Owner of JHC Quarries

Simonic Testimonial

These guys are second to none! Whether it’s getting a bucket sorted straight away to after sales service! I’d give them 10 stars if I could.

Lindsay Simonic, Director of Simonic Civil

Blue Civil Testimonial

We’re super happy with the strength and the force of this five finger hydraulic grab. We have two on our fleet now.

Brendt Langdon, Diretor of Blue Civil and Construction

Arron Daniel testimonial

I have a full set of eiengineering buckets ranging from 1600mm down to 450mm and they’re some of the strongest buckets I have used. The curve of the GP buckets make digging so much easier and the unloading of the bucket is twice as quick as a normal bucket. The 2400mm Grade Blade is also one of the best blades I have used to date. Strongly recommend them to any one looking for excavator buckets.

Arron Daniel, Director of AG Contracting

Jason Hill Testimonial

I was surprised with how much of a difference the BIGGER OPENING on their sieve bucket makes. On the 14 tonne machine, I was able to pick up massive heavy rocks which I couldn’t do with another sieve on a 20 tonne. The strength of their bucket and the toughness of the cutting edge is top notch.

Jason Hill, Director of Ground Zero Excavations

Pete Vagne Testimonial

The eiengineering compaction drum roller has definitely been a little ray of sunshine. It has been on the wish list for sometime and finally made it to the top. Great product that achieves great results. It’s always the way, you invest in something and wonder how you ever did without it. Thanks again guys for another pleasurable purchase.

Pete Vagne, Director of Pete Vagne Excavations

ProCat Testimonial

Procat Demolition use and highly recommend the service and quality product EI produce. We have a number of grabs and sieve buckets that are absolute BOMB PROOF!

Matt Jennings, Director of ProCat Demolition

B&D Testimonial

At B&D, we only use the best quality equipment & eiengineering are the best buckets in the business.

Chris Cameron, B & D Plumbing

Dezza Testimonial

Strong like an ox, your attachments go the yards – by far best I’ve ever used especially in rock applications. If it ain’t ei, then we ain’t earthmoving.

Dezza, Sub Contractor

Rocco Testimonial

I’ve seen other buckets peel right open, but not eiengineering buckets. Digging in the same ground and with 3 years on the clock, they just keep ploughing away. They are bloody tough!

Rocco Catania, Director of Catason Earthworks

KNR Testimonial

Fantastic customer service, amazing products and great support to small businesses.

Nic Rowbottom, Director at KNR Excavations

Grader Blade review

The Grader Blade is a MASSIVE TIME SAVER! The boys think it’s amazing cos it’s so quick to do trimming, shaping and batters. When you’re on time sensitive jobs like level crossing removal, you need reliable attachments that you can get the job done fast.

Mick Matterson, Director at Mick Matto Excavations

Structured Rock

The high volume mud bucket is HUGE. I save so much time by making less trips when moving material around onsite.

The bucket shape is great for trimming as well.

Chris Duncan, Director at Structured Rock

Deconstruct Group

Excellent communication and 5 star product!

Yarra Ranges Earthworks

Awesome gear, great to deal with. I’ve got all my attachments from them and they can handle punishment – they are built to last. Staff is amazing at getting things sorted so you can keep on moving.

Tayne Walters, Director at Yarra Ranges Earthworks


I don’t know what it is but the eie buckets simply power through the ground better than anything else I have used before all around the world”

It doesn’t matter what angle or in any way you put the bucket into the ground, they just come up trumps every single dig 3500hrs still going strong even the GET.

Seamus Kelly, Director at Kellex Pty Ltd

Hydraulic Grab

Awesome to deal with. I’m so happy with the sevice. All my eie buckets & equipment are the best I’ve had.

Richard Lipsett, Director at Allsett Earthworks

Skidsteer 4 in 1

Good Looking strong bucket – works well in all conditions on site.

Jess Willis, Delta Group, Queensland

Buxton Civil

Great company – always goes above and beyond to help the customer.

Corey Buxton, Director at Buxton Civil

eiengineering Skeleton Bucket with Teeth 8T

Good strong construction and works well in heavily contaminated soil.

Joel, Director at JAD Contracting, Brisbane.


You want to dig better faster and more efficiently with your excavator go with eie buckets”

We changed from the buckets that were supplied with the machine from new to eie buckets and the difference in digging performance is unbelievable, it simply blew us away how good the eie bucket dug!

Kieran Smith, EKV Plumbing, Brisbane

Develin Testimonial

We were immediately impressed with both the design and build quality.

eiengineering appeared to be on the game in respect to design and build-quality, so we decided to try their buckets on a small three-ton machine.

We were immediately impressed with both the design and build quality, so as we came to need new buckets for other machines, we had the confidence to invest in ei buckets[for our smallest] right up to our 35-ton machines.

We now have in excess of 40 ei buckets in service every day and have every intention of continuing to utilize the ei product because of the design, build-quality and fantastic service from Adrian, Michael and their team.

Geoff Develin, Owner of Develin Engineering

Jason Newnes testimonial

I could not believe the production I was achieving.

Two years ago, I added a new fourteen-ton excavator to the fleet and specified ei buckets after stumbling across a video on Youtube. The first day I put the buckets in action, I could not believe the production I was achieving.

I thought it had to be the new machine, so to be sure I picked up an ei bucket for one of our older fourteen-tonners and it immediately felt like a new machine.

Jason Newnes, Director at Earthscape Industries

Ben Walker Testimonial

These buckets work harder for less!

I am a site supervisor on a large civil project in Melbourne’s south-east and invited eiengineering to bring some buckets out to the the site and convince me. Surprisingly, not only did they take me up on it, but a few of these videos are filmed on our site. There’s no trick photography here – every comparison was done through the same consistency material as the previous one and they were more than happy to let me stick my nose in and have a good look. I can assure you now more than ever (since we purchased two ei buckets for our 30T Case Excavator), these buckets work harder for less!

I used to have the mentality that if you need more dirt moved, you get a bigger machine. But now I know to make the machines you already have on site more efficient, instead of just looking at bigger machines or attachments.

The savings Adrian is showing you aren’t just numbers plucked from thin air. For two years now, I’ve been using the ei buckets and the annual savings are huge. As soon as I started using them, I could stretch my fuel deliveries out to every second day, instead of every single day.

Ben Walker, Site Supervisor

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