Generates awesome power with its five interlocking heavy-duty fingers

hydraulic Grapple


Their hydraulic grabs are top class and second to none, very well built, and extremely tough.


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Our heavy-duty Hydraulic Grapples are a versatile attachment suitable for many applications including moving around bulk materials, clean-up, trees, rock placement, waste, or carrying out demolition. With one of the largest grapple openings in the industry, the eiengineering hydraulic grapples are designed to grab long, awkward & bulky objects for greater productivity.

For greater versatility, the grapple can be picked up in reverse with either 3 or 2 fingers facing the cabin. Two fingers facing the operator allow for better visibility when picking rocks or rubbish, or three fingers facing the operator provide a much safer option when working in demolition or other hazardous environments.

Our Hydraulic Grapples are built with a large, heavy-duty double-acting hydraulic cylinder, mounted under the quick hitch. This allows for the large opening capability, and reversible pick-up and also provides optimum protection of the cylinder. The high-rated Hallite seals ensure our hydraulic cylinder is capable of operating at pressures in excess of 350 Bar (5,000 psi).

Like our other attachments, the Hydraulic Grapple is constructed from eie80* grade high-strength steel to withstand continuous use under harsh Australian conditions.

Available for sale or hire.

Hydraulic Grapple Diagram
  • Five Finger Construction – Better handling of awkward materials more flexibility and versatility.
  • Interlocked Webbed Design – Gives greater strength through grapple construction reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Replaceable Fingers Plates – Weld-on finger plates make replacement easier. They also decrease maintenance and replacement time and costs.
  • Heavy-duty robust construction for increased lateral strength and durability
  • Specially designed for superior performance, ease of use, and efficiency
  • Hardened Bushes – Increases bush life, makes replacement easier, and reduces maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Connects to existing hammer or auger hydraulic piping
  • High Strength Steel Construction – eie80 Grade* is 3 times stronger than mild steel and 3 times more abrasion resistant. As a result, it reduces maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Larger Welds – Makes attachment construction more robust, increases longevity, and reduces service and replacement costs.
  • Safe and OH&S Compliant – Designed to comply with stringent safety requirements.
  • Suits all major Excavator brands – Whether they do or don’t have a quick hitch fitted.

*eie80 grade high strength steel has a material hardness of 250 – 280 Brinell. It’s 3 x stronger and 3 x more abrasion resistant than mild steel 250 grade.

Hydraulic Grapple



Pins, Hoses, Couplers (up to 8 Tonne)

OPTIONAL Serrated and Heavy-Duty Finger Wear Pads

1 tonne to 30 tonne



The unique Quick Attach stiff arm mechanism allows you to connect the stiff arm to the bracket without leaving the cabin
For Diggers from 1 Tonne - 38 Tonne.

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