We stock a massive range of excavator Spare Parts.


We understand how important it is to find the perfect GET for your bucket. We stock a vast range of bucket teeth adaptors, matching them to the earthmoving machine and their required application:

  • Rock Chisel Bucket Teeth – Rip through brazen terrain and hard and rocky grounds experiencing minimal wear with our rock chisel teeth. Built to withstand the hardest terrains, they will chisel with maximum force under any condition.
  • Twin Tiger Bucket Teeth – Scoop bigger bucket loads on clay riddled terrains with twin tiger teeth. Designed to grant additional penetration ability in clay conditions, they noticeably improve productivity and reduce fuel costs and time on the job.
  • Heavy-Duty Bucket Teeth – Built for continuous deployment hours on end, the heavy-duty teeth are designed to resist wear under environments with the harshest abrasive factors.
  • Mining Bucket Teeth – Designed to channel greater breakout force of large excavators and face shovels through the teeth only. Built to deliver greater penetration and clearance, experience less wear, and allow optimal use of power while minimising fuel consumption.
  • Standard Bucket Teeth – Tapered for delivering accurate and reliable cuts and transferring maximum force, they are built for use on all general excavation applications.


  • Bolt On Corner Adaptors – For general use on loaders. Operators can convert their buckets into clean-up buckets by simply removing the adaptors (for double leg Bolt-On adaptor).
  • Flush Mount Adaptors – For exclusive use with loaders. Installed atop the bucket lip.
  • Weld-On Double Strapped Adaptors – For exclusive use with excavators. Allows quick change of teeth. Installed by wrapping around the lip on the longest leg for support.
  • Weld-On Bottom Strap Adaptors – For exclusive use with backhoes and excavators. Installed by wrapping around the lip on the longest leg for support.

Side Cutters

We stock a complete range of Side Cutters and Cutting Blades for all earthmoving applications:

  • Cutting Blades – Used for additional wear protection and cutting ability, and hence productivity. Normally used at the front lip of a wheel loader bucket or an excavator or wheel loader bucket. Because of this the buckets can be lighter and sharper, resulting in higher productivity.
  • Dozer Blades – Available in various plate thickness and widths. Pre-heated depending on application.
  • Half Arrow Blades – Most commonly used with loader buckets, and also used as edge protectors between a bucket’s side protectors and the teeth. Normally mounted ahead of the cutting edge of the bucket.
  • Graders Blades – Available as flat and curved, and in various plate thickness and widths.

Hydraulic Cylinders

We stock excavator hydraulic cylinders from a range of brands.

We understand the versatility of the cylinders and how this high functionality equipment should guarantee reliable performance under tough conditions. To guarantee reliability and top notch performance, all cylinders are verified for their adherence to the preset industry standards prior to stocking.

Every cylinder that we stock guarantees a sturdy construction and build, and high efficiency and durability. The entire range is tested on several quality parameters, before making it available to our customers.

Common Features

Every stocked cylinder is guaranteed to meet all of the following:

  • Designed and built as per OEM size and quality standards
  • Efficient
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Durable
  • Superior finish

Bucket Pins

We manufacture and stock a wide range of heavy duty bucket linkage parts for a diverse range of excavator brands. All our linkage parts are custom designed from high-grade materials, and hence deliver lasting results.

All of the linkage parts are designed and manufactured as per OEM requirements. All stocked linkages are verified of their compliance before being stocked. Whether you’re looking for bushings, pins, or other linkage parts, we have the experience and the expertise in finding and fabricating the right part for your unique needs while guaranteeing extended wear life.

Plow Bolts and Bolt On Edges

We stock high-strength cutting-edge Plow Nuts, Bolts and Bolt On Edges for various earthmoving machines. Contact us for any custom fabrication needs.

Which Machine Do You Own?

Let us know. We’ll FIND or CREATE the right part for your machine and specific needs. Get the job done today – accurately, efficiently, and while minimising maintenance and fuel costs.

Contact us for further information about our products, or to discuss your requirements and quote for custom solutions tailor made for your specific machinery, job and applications.

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