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Unleash Unmatched Durability: Discover the Power of eie80 High Strength Steel

Experience unrivaled durability with our attachments, specifically designed to excel in even the harshest working conditions. Our products are constructed using eie80 high strength steel (Bisalloy80 grade), providing an unparalleled combination of strength, hardness, and abrasive resistance.

Our team of engineers has discovered remarkable results by utilising eie80 grade high strength steel in the construction of all eiengineering attachments. This choice is attributed to its exceptional hardness, strength, and abrasion resistance, while also offering excellent formability and weldability.

Compared to mild steel 250 grade, eie80 steel exhibits astounding characteristics, being three times harder, three times stronger, and three times tougher. By harnessing the power of advanced technologies, we can shape eie80 steel with exceptional formability, enabling our engineers to create superior double-radius designs.

Moreover, through employing the right techniques, eie80 steel not only achieves weldability to itself but also to other materials, empowering our engineers to reduce weight and incorporate greater flexibility into their designs.

Choosing the Right Steel: Why eie80 Steel Triumphs Over Hardox for Attachment Manufacturing

Experience the superior choice for attachment manufacturing as we debunk the misconception that Hardox steel reigns supreme in toughness. While Hardox is often praised for its toughness, it falls short in terms of manufacturability for attachments due to its inherent brittleness. The performance of excavator buckets heavily relies on the steel’s ability to flex as it conquers various terrains. Unfortunately, Hardox lacks this crucial flexibility, leading to frequent steel breakage.

In contrast, eie80 steel emerges as the optimal selection for attachment manufacturing. Its exceptional durability and flexibility make it the preferred choice for powering through the ground with ease. Unlike Hardox, eie80 steel proves to be the superior option that ensures prolonged usage without compromising on strength.

That being said, Hardox does have its own merit. It excels as a wear plate due to its outstanding abrasion resistance. Our Rock Digging Buckets for quarries, designed for optimal performance and extended service life, feature Hardox steel wear plates to withstand rigorous wear and tear.

When it comes to attachment manufacturing, make the informed choice by opting for eie80 steel’s unmatched combination of toughness and flexibility, while reserving Hardox steel for specialised applications such as wear plates.

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