eiengineering design principals

Design Principles In Excavator Technology

Just as wind tunnels are used when designing aerodynamic Formula One cars to go as fast as possible. Our R&D division design and develop earth-dynamic buckets that move through the earth and dig as efficiently as possible. See how earth-dynamic design works.

eiengineering manufacturing


We employ state-of-the-art technologies in our manufacturing processes to achieve unprecedented detail in our designs and the highest calibre of construction. See exactly how we’re able to build the toughest buckets on the block.

eiengineering high strength steel


Tough enough to withstand the hardest working conditions, our attachments delivers a unique combination of strength, hardness and abrasive resistance.

eie80 grade high strength steel construction is 3 times stronger than mild steel and 3 times more abrasion resistant. Means longer working life of the attachment and less downtime carrying out expensive repairs or modification.

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