The fastest, easiest & most reliable Quick Hitch on the Australian market

PowerLok Quick Hitch

Whether you call it a Quick Hitch or a Quick Coupler, there are three key elements that it needs to have for it to be an effective tool for your business. 

  • It has to be SAFE to use and compliant with WorkSafe Australia
  • It must be SIMPLE and fast to use
  • It must be RELIABLE.

eiengineering has invested significant time in the research and development of a Quick Coupler that has all 3 elements. After extensive refining and rigorous testing, we are proud to launch our new PowerLok double-locking Quick Coupler. 

PowerLok Quick Coupler


When we began the design process, we started with a locked hitch and then figured out the best way to open it. This means the natural position of the hitch is in the locked position so it is a real deadlocking hitch. If there is ever a hydraulic cylinder failure, to ensure there is no risk in losing an attachment, the eiengineering PowerLok Coupler has five locking points on the hitch itself, apart from any other controls in the cabin. With only three moving parts, this Coupler can be completely disassembled in under a minute and reassembled in just over a minute.

To ensure robustness and absolute safety at the highest level, the eiengineering PowerLok Quick Coupler has been designed with a safety factor of 3 times the maximum safe working load of the machine. This means a fast cycle speed so operating times to change attachments is the quickest in the industry. So fast that this hitch could be called the PowerLok REALLY Quick Coupler.


The fast, fluid operation is a seamless release and hook up in any position. Just flick the switch and the tongue releases the rear pin and then the front pin lock. Pick up the next attachment, flick the switch so the front pin locks & the tongue picks up the rear pin. 

Designed for versatility, the eiengineering PowerLok Hitch has a variable pick-up to suit a range of OEMs within the same machine class. It can be used in any position, horizontal or vertical. We do recommend that you don’t release the attachment in the crowd out position unless it is intentional & the attachment is sitting on the ground or a supported position. 


The independently certified lifting eye is centered on the back of the hitch and protrudes so that all shackles and chains are visible to the operator when in the hanging position. 


Never compromising on quality, our specially designed double-acting hydraulic cylinder uses Hallite seals. Their proven quality puts them at the forefront of seal technology and ensures trouble-free operation. 

We offer a 3 year Warranty on the PowerLok Hitch main body and 12 months on all other parts including the hydraulic cylinder.

Quick Hitch

The locks are:

  • durable double-acting hydraulic cylinder
  • heavy-duty compression spring over the hydraulic cylinder
  • front pin lock which has a natural tendency to the locked position
  • small heavy-duty compression spring back-up for the front pin lock
  • flow control check valve located in the base of the hydraulic cylinder

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