compaction roller

The Compaction Roller

The Compaction Drum Roller is similar to a pad foot roller that has a drum with pad feet welded to it. The Roller has the excavator hanger brackets attached to the wheel from the outside of the drum. They are suitable for applications in open space such as highways, dams, driveways and land fill.

The Compaction Drum Roller utilises an excavator track roller as their bearing system and is relatively easy to manufacture. This is why we see many of them imported from high volume manufacturers in Asia.

Limitations of the Roller

Due to the drum in the compaction roller system, the Roller has reduced material penetration over the wheel type compaction wheel. Once the material depth is greater than the height of the pads, power is lost due to the increased surface area of the drum. This is why extra force is needed to gain penetration.

To maintain correct compaction with the drum, the Roller requires 6 times more weight to be forced onto the material than is required for the pads. If this is not possible (due to the size of the excavator), only a small amount of material should be placed into the zone at any one time to achieve the correct compaction.

Unfortunately, this means that compaction will generally take a substantial amount of time if required to reinstate material to 96% or above.

eiengineering have designed larger tapered pads on their wheels. This creates maximum compaction and minimal pad “lift” during the compaction process meaning maximum compaction is gained more efficiently.

We also have Compaction Wheels available for sale or hire.

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