FT290WTL Twin Tiger Tooth




FT290WTL Twin Tiger Tooth.

The FT290WTL Twin Tiger Tooth is designed for heavy-duty working conditions. It fits onto our V29 Double Strap Bucket Adaptor.

This Twin Tiger Tooth needs to be fitted with the V29 Bucket Pin from the rectangular pin hole at the top of the Bucket Tooth and Adaptor.

The wide U shape of these WTL Twin Tiger Teeth provides wider penetration points across the bucket (depending on the bucket adaptor spacings). This means the ground can be peeled back more uniformly. The bucket doesn’t need as much force to follow through to dig the material.

At eiengineering, we cast our own teeth and adaptors using moulds with much less tolerances.
Less tolerance means better fitment therefore:

  • reduces wear on the adaptors;
  • minimises the likelihood of teeth falling off;
  • reduces pin failure.

The alloys used in our casting process contain more chromium and nickel which deliver greater strength and wear resistance.

Please note: whilst Twin Tiger Teeth dig easier in hard ground, they will wear faster than Chisel Teeth due to the smaller surface wear area.

Price excludes GST.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions 27 × 10 × 11 cm
Category Bucket Teeth

Design Twin Tiger

Type FT290

Style WTL

Pocket Dimensions 65mm x 33mm

Pin Location Top Pin (Twistlock)

Machine Size 10 – 17.9 TONNE

Machine Type Excavators

Also Known As Bucket Teeth, Double Spike, Points, Teeth, Tiger, Tiger Teeth, Tiger Tooth, Tooth, Twin Tiger, Wide Tiger Long, WTL

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