Side Cutters 10 – 17.9 TONNE (pair)




Side Cutters 10 – 17.9 TONNE (pair).

Includes: 2 x Side Cutters and 4 x Bolts.

Side Cutters, also known as ‘parts’ or ‘blades’ are bolt-on replaceable wear surfaces designed to increase the bucket clearance through the trench. These side cutters will increase the bucket cutting width by around 35mm. Adding protection to the bucket sides will extend the life of the bucket and lower bucket maintenance costs.

Our Ground Engaging Tools are made for longevity. The alloys used in our casting process contain more chromium and nickel which deliver greater strength and wear resistance.

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 34 × 17 × 6 cm
Includes 2 x Sidecutters and 4 x Bolts

Category Side Cutters

Machine Size 10 – 17.9 TONNE

Machine Type Excavators

Also Known As Bolt on Side Cutters, Detachable Side Cutters, Left Hand Side Cutter, Right Hand Side Cutters, Side Cutters, Side Protectors, Wear parts