Choosing the right Bucket Teeth

Choosing the right teeth for your bucket and project is crucial in order to work efficiently and minimise downtime. Follow the guide below to determine what bucket teeth you need.

Bucket Teeth Guide
Fitmemt Style

Fitment Style

To find out what style of bucket teeth you currently have, you need to find the part number. This is normally on the surface of the tooth, in the interior wall or rear edge of the tooth pocket. If you cannot find the part number, you can work it out by the style of the adapter and/or pin and retainer system. Is it a side pin, centre pin or top pin?

V33SYL Chisel Tooth

Fitment Size

In theory, the fitment size is the same as the machine size. This may not be the case if the bucket is not designed for that specific machine size. Check out this chart to see the fitment styles with the correct machine size and fitment size.

40S Pin & Rubber

Pin & Retainer Size

The best way to determine your fitment size is to measure the pins and retainers. These then to be manufactured with more precise measurements than the teeth themselves.

Tooth Pocket Size

Tooth Pocket Size

Another way to work out the size of the teeth you have is measuring the pocket opening. The pocket area is where it fits onto the adaptor on the bucket. This is a good option to take measurements from as it has minimal wear during the life of the bucket tooth.

Digging Application

Digging Application

The type of material that you are digging in is a huge factor in determining the right teeth for your bucket. At eiengineering, we have designed different teeth for various applications.

Hensley Style Roll Pin (12mm)

Teeth Construction

eiengineering bucket teeth are all Cast Teeth which are made from austempored ductile iron and heat treated to offer maximum resistance to wear and impact. They are strong and lightweight in design and self-sharpening.  They can last almost as long as forged teeth and they are significantly cheaper – making them more economical and cost effective.

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