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An excavator bucket is an investment that can either save you money or cost you money. A good bucket will improve your excavator’s productivity and efficiency and reduce your fuel and operating costs. A bad bucket will do the opposite.

When choosing an excavator bucket, make sure you think about materials, design, lifetime cost and customer support.

eiengineering how to choose an excavator bucket

1. Materials

An excavator bucket’s material greatly affects its strength and durability. If the steel isn’t the right grade or thickness, you’ll see poor results from your bucket. For top performance, you want high-strength, tempered steel that’s light and tough.

Durability is important, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of performance. The right bucket is the one that’s most efficient, not the one that lasts the longest.

2. Design

A well-designed bucket moves through the ground more easily. This will reduce:

  • Fuel costs
  • Operator time and costs
  • Servicing costs
  • Greenhouse gas emissions

Look for a bucket design that’s proven to show results.

3. Lifetime cost

When it comes to excavator buckets, you get what you pay for. A cheap bucket costs less upfront, but it’ll cost you a fortune in lost productivity and fuel down the track.

A quality, high-performance bucket is the cheapest in the long-run. It’ll save you money by:

  • Increasing digging performance
  • Reducing operator time and costs
  • Reducing fuel costs
  • Reducing servicing and spare parts costs

An excavator bucket is an investment, so make sure you think about value for money and the lifetime cost of your purchase.

4. Customer support

Good customer service from your bucket supplier is crucial. Support must be quick and decisive – when you need a replacement part, you want it shipped to you as fast as possible. Have a read of customer reviews and chat to your work mates about their customer support experiences with different bucket manufacturers.

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