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There’s nothing like amazing excavator videos to remind you what an excavator with a skilled operator is capable of.

Excavators are great machines, capable of extraordinary (and ordinary) feats. Check out these five excavator videos featuring some awesome party tricks!

1. Caterpillar Jenga

Nothing like this clever demonstration of power and finesse from Caterpillar machines. And it’s all a bit of fun as well.

2. RH400

This video isn’t great quality, but it gives you a great sense of how enormous and powerful this machine is! It’s like watching a dinosaur amble through a work site.

3. Beer Bottle Opener

This guy has it all figured out with this useful skill. It’s good to know an excavator brings not only digging power, but also everyday convenience.

4. Menzi Muck

The Menzi Muck is an amazing machine. This video shows exactly what this machine is capable of. It looks like something out of Halo.

5. Hot Dog Builder

If there’s one thing an excavator needs to be able to do, it’s to build a hot dog. It’s always impressive to see how gentle these machines can be with a highly skilled operator at the controls.

Are there any excavator videos you love? Let us know in the comments.

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