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At eiengineering we make some pretty big claims about how great our excavator buckets are in terms of delivering greater productivity! We’re proud to say that all of our claims are 100% genuine. But don’t take our word for it – we actually go out and prove how good our buckets are.

The best way to see how good a bucket is is to go out and test it, so that’s what we’ve done. If you’re interested in understanding just how efficient our buckets are, or even how we test our buckets, you’ve come to the right place.

If you get a chance, take the time to watch the video and you can see how much easier our buckets dig through the ground to deliver greater productivity.

How we test our buckets against the competition

These tests are pretty straightforward – dig a trench! As you can see in the video, we make sure each test has identical conditions:

  • Same machine (in this case, a Kobalco)
  • Same amount of fuel
  • Same ground/earth
  • Same time limit
  • Same depth (1150mm)
  • The only difference is a different bucket!

And what a difference this makes.

  • The generic bucket digs a trench which is 12 metres long using 3.1 litres of fuel
  • The eiengineering bucket digs a trench which is 15.6 metres long while using only 2.1 litres of fuel

The eiengineering bucket is a clear winner here! It digs 3.6 metres more and uses about 32% less fuel – what more do you need?

As you can see, we’ve really taken the time to test our buckets. That’s why when we say eiengingeering buckets are the best. It’s not a sales pitch – it’s the truth!

Choose the right eiengineering bucket for you and you are guaranteed better results. In fact, if your bucket doesn’t live up to our claims, we’ll give you a full refund, plus $1000 for your trouble. Contact us for a free onsite demo today!

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