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With an influx of cheap attachments on the market, it’s important to understand why a better designed excavator bucket will encourage customers to come back for more. We need to move away from a price-driven selling environment and into a more profitable performance driven sales environment, to secure the longevity of our business.

The ultimate goal for any business is to have customers returning time after time. Customers will generally only look elsewhere if they perceive there is a better product being offered by somebody else.

Therefore, sometimes we must ask ourselves, why were we not even considered for our customer’s upgrade? Why did they go somewhere else?

Proven ways to create loyalty

Delivering impeccable customer service and emphasising the values you share with your customers are definitive ways to create loyalty. Don’t forget though, maintaining your customer base is also dependent on the durability of the original purchase.

At eiengineering, we ensure that we can help you retain your customer base time after time, because our attachments will ensure they experience:

  • Greater machine reliability
  • Increased digging efficiency – which also means increased productivity and greater profits
  • Less service costs
  • Less spare parts costs
  • Better for the environment – 30% less greenhouse emissions

High performing buckets help retention and referrals

History shows that if the customer’s experience with their machine is favourable, they will return for their next purchase. Results are for everyone to see:

  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Increased machine reliability
  • Increased customer retention
  • Increased customer referrals

eiengineering attachments are proven to perform 30% more efficiently than other products on the market. This increased performance presents itself in many ways – not just fuel economy:

eiengineering digging graphic
  • Increased efficiency offers easier ground penetration – ideal for small machines with limited power
  • Increased productivity reduces service requirements
  • Increased efficiency reduces spare parts
  • Quicker digging in any environment means reduced operator costs
  • Reduced fuel consumption

Customer satisfaction, repeat business and positive word of mouth recommendation has been key to our business success. We are certain eiengineering attachments will offer your customers a positive experience, and have them coming back to you for more. Contact us today if you would like to become a distributor.

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