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Use this checklist to ensure you have the right excavator attachments for the right job.

Our range of high performance excavator attachments and buckets are the hardest working on the market. Built tough using Bisalloy 80 grade or equivalent steel, they are designed to enhance machine performance by digging more efficiently.

Knowing how to choose the right excavator attachments for the right job could be the difference between getting the project completed on time (and within budget) and not.

Read this article to learn how your choice of excavator attachments can impact your efficiency & competitive advantage. Use the infographic below as a checklist when selecting attachments.

“We definitely noticed the digging power. The digging power through the ground. The diggers almost grow an extra leg with ei buckets on, they just have better break out and they pull through the ground.” – Craig Piergrosse, Managing Director of Accelerated Excavations

At eiengineering, we are passionate about designing high performance excavator buckets which enables businesses to save on fuel and running costs by increasing excavator productivity. We understand how important getting the most suitable attachment is to getting your job done – faster and more efficiently. Our engineers and designers can also provide customised attachments for all your specific needs.

Get in touch with our team today on 1300 852 820 to organise a free no obligation onsite demo.

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