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eiengineering General Purpose Bucket
eiengineering GP Digging Bucket

eiengineering excavator buckets and attachments are designed to work more efficiently. From various digging tests, our excavator buckets have proven to save Contractors $25,000 per year in fuel & operator costs as well as service & spare parts costs.

All eiengineering excavator attachments are manufactured from high strength steel.  They are 3 x times stronger than mildsteel and 3 x more abrasion resistant, which in turn gives longer bucket life.

Our unique streamlined design allows the excavator bucket to move through the ground easier and quicker – delivering around 30% greater efficiency. This means less machine power to move the material using a similar amount of fuel or less. This is not just a larger bucket, this is a bucket that is designed to complement the machine capabilities by powering through the ground to get jobs done 30% quicker.

How much money could you save with:

  • using 30% less fuel;
  • 30% less operator costs;
  • getting 30% more work done in the same amount of time?

On top of this, you will also save because:

  • the job puts 30% less hours on the machine;
  • 30% more work can be done between service intervals saving you 30% on your servicing and spare parts.

If you’re on an hourly rate, it means you can reduce your fuel burn to get the same amount of work done. You can also safeguard your contract and get more work from the head Contractor by getting jobs done on-time or quicker. In the end, if you’re working more efficiently, you are ensuring your success and will get more work and save more money.

No-one else can offer you the savings and reliability of eiengineering excavator buckets.

Make sure you have eiengineering excavator buckets on your machines.
Contact us today for or ask your local machine dealer.

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