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Clear Land & Dams easily with eiengineering’s Stick Rake.

eiengineering’s excavator Stick Rake is the ultimate solution for efficient land and dam clearing, waste reduction, and vegetation management. Designed to tackle the toughest materials with ease, this powerful tool is constructed from eie80 high-strength steel, ensuring durability and minimal wear. With its unique “Chicken Foot” tyne design and a round tube crossbar for added stability, the Root Rake offers unmatched performance. Whether you need to remove rocks, roots, stumps, or debris, this Stick Rake will rip through them effortlessly, providing efficient land clearing results.

eiengineering Stick Rake

Versatile Applications for a Stick Rake:

The eiengineering excavator Stick Rake is a multifunctional attachment suitable for a wide range of applications. It excels in the following tasks:

1. Land Clearing: With its “Chicken Foot” shaped rake tynes, the Root Rake allows you to rake forwards and backward, making it perfect for clearing root systems, shrubs, small trees, and overgrowth.

2. Debris Removal: The rake tynes effectively separate unwanted materials from valuable soil, ensuring efficient debris removal.

3. Vegetation Management: Whether it’s clearing overgrown areas or preparing land for landscaping, the Stick Rake provides effective vegetation management capabilities.

4. Fire Prevention: Clearing land for fire prevention purposes is made easier with the eiengineering Root Rake, enabling you to create firebreaks and remove potential fuel sources.

5. Root Extraction: This attachment excels in removing roots and stumps, helping you prepare the ground for further construction or landscaping projects.

6. Flood and Storm Clean Up: After a natural disaster, the Root Rake can assist in removing debris and restoring affected areas efficiently.

7. Green Waste Disposal: When dealing with green waste, the Root Rake allows for convenient collection and disposal, minimizing environmental impact.

8. Soil Conditioning and Dethatching: The Root Rake can aerate and condition soil, promoting healthy growth and improving overall soil quality.

Compatibility and Availability:

eiengineering’s excavator Stick Rake is designed to fit all major excavators, ranging from 1 tonne to 38 tonnes. It is compatible with major excavator brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, Bobcat, Sumitomo, Yanmar, Hitachi, and many more.

For pricing and availability, contact eiengineering today. The excavator Stick Rake is available for sale from all leading machine dealers across Australia.

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