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What’s so special about an eiengineering’s high performance excavator Mud Bucket?
Designed and engineered to last longer and be more efficient, our Mud Buckets can offer you great savings.

The high strength steel used in our excavator buckets is 3 times stronger and 3 x more abrasion resistant than mild steel. This means they will stand up to hard work for a long time.

We offer two types of excavator Mud Bucket:

  1. One is a standard Mud Bucket configuration with a flat floor – ideal for all the jobs of bulk loading out materials, levelling ground and transporting other attachments
  2. Our High Volume Mud Bucket is built to carry out the same tasks as above, but with a higher capacity and not quite as wide. Based on our digging bucket design, the high capacity keeps the load high in the back of the bucket, so it does not make the bucket oversized so it hits the boom or dipper arm. Only built for excavators of 25 tonnes and upward, the High Volume Mud Bucket allows you to load trucks from behind for easier loading without overflowing the sides of the truck.

As with all of our excavator Mud Buckets, they come with heavy duty Bolt-on edges. This not only protects the weld in edge longer, but also strengthens the edge and stops it from bowing.

Long hanger plates and the heavy duty top box ensure positive power through the bucket to reduce flexing and give optimum digging performance.

Extra wear plates as standard give extra protection to the bucket back plate as well.

As always, you can rely on eiengineering to bring you best performing longer lasting excavator attachments so you can get the job done quicker and make more money. Contact us today to organise a free onsite demo. 

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