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Why is Australia’s ground so hard?

eiengineering buckets are designed for durability because it is common knowledge that Australia has one of the harshest environments on earth! Reasons for this include:

  • Australia is the oldest landmass on the planet – according to Wikipedia it is 96 million years old
  • Dry and arid conditions
  • The natural composition of rocks and earth.

Whilst excavators take the hard work out of digging by hand, it’s the excavator bucket that actually determines whether the machine digs the ground quickly and powerfully or not. How the excavator bucket moves through the ground is the main determining factor of digging speed, fuel use, operator time, service and spare parts costs.

eiengineering design and manufacture excavator buckets and attachments that give excavators, (regardless of brand) more break-out and more power into the ground. By working more efficiently, eiengineering buckets can save Contractors $25,000 per year in fuel, operator costs, service and spare parts costs.

Also, eiengineering excavator attachments are constructed from high strength steel for durability and longevity. They are 3 x times stronger and 3 x more abrasion resistant than mild steel which makes them ideal for working in harsh conditions.

How can a bucket dig more efficiently?

eiengineering’s revolutionary double radius bucket design uses Precision Geometry to cut through the ground more effectively while the self-fill action maximises bucket fill. We have conducted over 15 independent digging tests against some of our biggest competitors. In these digging tests, we had the same operator using the same machine digging in the same ground with the only difference being the excavator bucket. In each and every test, eiengineering buckets outperformed the others by delivering an average of 30% greater efficiency.

Working through the ground more efficiently means less machine power needed to move the material therefore less fuel usage. This is not just a larger bucket, this is a bucket that is designed to move through the earth easier and quicker.

30% Greater Efficiency means:

  • 30% less fuel
  • 30% less operator costs
  • 30% more work gets done
  • 30% less hours on the machine
  • 30% more work done between service intervals saving you 30% on your servicing and spare parts costs.

If you’re on hourly rate, it means you can reduce your fuel burn to get the same amount of work done. Or ensure your contract is secure by getting more work from the head Contractor by completing jobs quicker. In the end, if you’re working more efficiently, you are ensuring your success and will get more work and save more money.

Contact eiengineering today to see how our excavator buckets can make a difference to your business. We have excavator buckets for sale or hire along with attachments for Skidsteers and Wheel Loaders. Our high performance attachments are available from all good machine dealers. Make sure you ask for eiengineering buckets for your new machine.

No-one else can offer you the savings, strength and reliability like eiengineering buckets.

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